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Lets face it we all love to escape from the pressure and demands of our busy daily lives here in the 21st century. Whether it is for two days or two months the chance to 'drop out' and venture away to an exotic location somewhere in the world is irresistible. And , what's more, you don't have to pay ridiculous prices to enjoy an expensive travel vacation.

In many parts of the country we are hunkered down in snow and rain dreaming of a vacation paradise. We envision places where we can be pampered by 'servants' catering to our every need. This includes everything from umbrella adorned exotic tropical concoctions to personal guides who take us scuba diving in crystal clear, tropic oceans. Picture a horseback ride on endless white sand beaches. Imagine that you can let the child out and laugh to the splash of turquoise water, as well as feel the temperate breezes in their faces and the warmth of tropical sun on bare backs.

Expensive vacation packages often seem out of our reach. In lieu, we try to locate a travel channel or golf resort magazine that can point us to a blissful destination. We only dream of places that can quench our desires for escape. When able to pursue such a vacation, we sadly often find blacked out dates, overbooked resorts, or exorbitant fees to pay just to have the privilege to get away from it all.

Consider obtaining a membership through travel destination clubs that can give you unrestricted access to many destinations around the world. Many of these travel membership plans have no blackout dates or restricted weeks. This puts you in complete control of your next vacation spot. Whether you want to go to Hawaii in peak season or Cabo in fishing season, these memberships offer a service like no other.

As a member to such places, you generally have access anytime to top resort destinations. You will find it easy to book accommodations at many luxury resort destinations. You can even enjoy discounts on all the major cruise lines as well, depending on which membership you join.

Your best bet is to look for memberships that offer no annual dues or exchange fees. Also look out for restricted weeks and blackout dates. Avoiding these traps means you can have year-round access to the worlds top resorts in peak season. With companies competing for your business, you can find just the deals you are looking for.

When you obtain a membership, you basically get to take advantage of having your own travel professionals. These professionals know how to fulfill your specific requests including exact dates, unit sizes, and the number of travelers. This gives you complete freedom and total control to travel when and where you want. This prestigious service will be yours for a lifetime, if you choose.

If you are ready to escape this is your vehicle and your portal to that bliss you so desperately seek. Joining a travel club definitely has its advantages. Complete packages have become quite affordable over time. What are you waiting for?
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