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Looking at the cigar in his hand, he adds, "This doesn't count because I'm not inhaling."

Reed, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, may be known for a dry, even wicked sense of humor, but he's not laughing. He says he really is trying to give up cigarettes Cigarettes Online, even banning smoking at the recent band rehearsals for his European tour.

There was a time not that long ago when an anxious Reed went through half a pack of cigarettes during a single interview--and we're not talking about marathon sessions. Reed, 48, has never liked interviews--his attitude during them has been described over the years as everything from hostile to indifferent.

"I don't mind questions about my work, but interviews are always so personality oriented," he says. "I've been asked questions time after time that I'd describe as grotesque and horrible Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. . . questions that a friend wouldn't even ask a friend. Now everyone says they loved the Velvet Underground, but that means a lot of people must have changed their minds. Mostly, though, critics didn't waste their time on us because we weren't even small potatoes at the time. We were like little strands of rice. It meant nothing to savage us. So everyone just went after Warhol Order Cigarettes Online, which was a real training ground for me because I watched all that . . . You can say anything you want," and that's what I did for years. Unfortunately, I'm still haunted by those lies. People continue to ask, "Did you really put a rifle to a guy's head" and "Do you really have a degree in music from Harvard?"

Q: Why did you make things up? Was it just for fun or was it your way of showing contempt for the questions?

A: Protection Cheap Cigarettes Online. We just got so used to being attacked, especially when the songs were very sensitive and personal. I still feel vulnerable during interviews. I've said what I want to say about all that in the album. . . . Maybe I'm too sensitive, so what can you do? If I wasn't that way Best Cigarettes, I probably wouldn't be able to do what I do in the first place.

Q: A lot of other major artists, from Sting to Paul Simon, think that it helps listeners to better understand and identify with the work if they talk about their personal feelings in interviews.
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